About us

This firm of lawyers, mainly run by the Hauser-Stauffacher family, has relied, since its inception in 1920, on continuity, discretion, trust, personal relationships, skills and efficiency, besides a worldwide network of trustworthy professionals.

The Hauser & Hauser law office is primarily a family office. In other words, we look after families and their property with regard to legal matters and wealth management structures from generation to generation.

In addition to being a "family office" in all its forms, Hauser & Hauser also has the tradition of legal practice with regard to art. This not only includes art market and film matters, but also more detailed questions of copyright, artists' rights, licensing rights and other intellectual property rights. Hauser & Hauser was involved in the development and management of Swiss artists' rights and copyright.

In the last twelve years, the latest development has been the additional strengthening of the forensic activity of the firm, covering white collar criminal matters and litigation in various fields of civil, criminal and administrative law.